Channelled Art

My energy artwork is channelled which means as a medium I connect with higher realms or angelic assistance that work through me to create artwork putting their lovely healing energy in each piece created.

I have to the pleasure of working with Lord Melchizedek (known as Jesus or Yeshua), Mary madeleine (mother Mary), Archangel Raphael (Archangel Rafael) also working with the collective consciousness to create some truly unique abstract art, imbedded in each piece of art are healing light codes.

Light Codes are Divine frequencies encoded with healing, that can unlock higher frequencies of Love and Light available to you, they can support you in raising your vibration, activating your dormant DNA and tuning into your own Power, talents and gifts. They can be perceived and activated during meditation, deep states of relaxation.

Light carries quantum information or codes which, can lead to chemical responses in your body, overriding and reprogramming old beliefs and patterns that lead to sickness and imbalance.

Light codes hold and transmit vibrational frequencies, which can cause change within your physical reality by tapping into the quantum realm. Light codes activation unlocks the infinite potential within the DNA, releasing new structures of light and consciousness. When the light codes activate, we experience a quantum shift on every level of the being. By raising your frequency you have more access to peace, joy, hope, empowerment, calm, helping you release emotional, mental and physical imbalances, such as conscious or unconscious trauma, that are lowering your vibration.

The objective of my work with the assistance of the divine is to assist you with raising your frequency  for your highest good, to help you reach your infinite potential.

I create functional art, wall mirrors candle plates,  the items have healing crystals and light codes infused or hidden within them to assist with raising your vibration and creating a lovely energy, a sense of peace and calm in the space that its placed, each are great to use alongside meditation as they have a  meditative effect helping quieten the mind, the body will then follow as energy follows thought. 

My inspired angels, mandalas, resin art and abstract art are not only wall art, but can be used as a crystal grids, the energy and light codes imbedded in them will amplify and work in harmony with the crystals you use in your grid.

Some people call what I do psychic art, spiritual art, Spiritualist art, spirit art, mediumistic art or psychic painting I prefer to call it energy art as its inspired art but predominantly about energy, raising your energy raising your frequency raising your vibration, moving you away from constraints we put on ourselves that holds us in the past by raising our frequency it allows us to move forward towards unity, healing, happiness, and prosperity.

I really hope you love my inspired artwork , crafts and products.

For mediumship, meditation and holistic therapies

you  can find me on tiktok, instagram and facebook just look for wendymccallumart