About Wendy

My original art can take days or even weeks to complete. Layer after layer of resin is required within the creative process to create great depth and vibrancy within each piece. Each piece is special to me and evokes a different feeling or energy.

My commissions can incorporate rough cut diamonds, diamond dust and various semi-precious stones, crystals and gemstones; each have different properties and are believed to promote a sense of balance, positivity, wellness or healing. I source my materials worldwide to ensure only the finest quality products are used. 


In spring 2018 my daughter became ill quite suddenly which was a rather stressful and anxious time for us both.

It was suggested to me that colouring in art would help as it has been proven to be relaxing and therapeutic. My daughter and I bought mandala colouring books and pencils and began to colour. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it extremely relaxing. I tried to draw a mandala myself and then had a sudden urge to paint so I bought some paints and brushes and began painting. I found inspiration from paintings I already owned and loved. 

I found the whole creative process extremely meditative. Through the process of creating the artwork, my daughters’ health improved dramatically. It felt so peaceful, I lost hours in the beautiful experience. Sometimes I would find myself with a paintbrush in both hands and when finished I would stand back and couldn't believe what was before me.

I saw some resin artwork and immediately fell in love with it. It felt like a natural progression to work with mixed media so I created my first geode abstract piece and it has unfolded from there

My first painting went to a spiritual centre in Redditch and I subsequently had a further two commissioned; one for a very dear friend and also a famous professional football player & managers’ wife. I was also commissioned to create several pieces for Carol Joy London’s new spa in the Hotel Fairmont in Monte Carlo!

The journey unfolding before me is truly amazing! Who would have thought that from a stressful situation, and the simple process of colouring, that it would inspire me to create and bring such delight and joy into to my life?

I hope you enjoy my work and find as much peace, relaxation and inspiration within my art as I do.