Choosing an art medium and the importance of a signature style

When making art, it is important to find an art medium that will contribute to the authenticity of your pieces. When I started out as an artist I knew that I wanted to create something that represented who I am, and for my wall art, resin spoke to me on a deeper level. I would encourage any aspiring artist to choose an art medium carefully, making sure that it contributes to their overall signature style. 

As an established resin artist, here are some of my top questions to ask yourself to successfully choose an art medium that works for you;

What You Are Trying To Convey? 

The first step to choosing an art medium is figuring out what you actually want to convey with your art. Different mediums can quickly change the mood of a piece, similar to how colours can affect the way we feel. Ask yourself what kind of emotions you want your piece to evoke, is it sad? Happy? Romantic? Different textures can add depth to your pieces, whilst simplistic mediums such as black and white pencil drawings can create a sophisticated or even melancholy feel.

I chose to create resin wall art pieces because of the sleek, fluid feel that resin has, and the corresponding tranquility that this then emanates in your home.

How much are you willing to invest?

Certain mediums can be pretty expensive, so it is important to fully plan out how much you can spend in order to create pieces, and then how much you will sell them for. Resin wall art can be pricey to make, due to the high quality pigments, textures and crystals that are added, and when also considering the time and patience that each piece requires - it is a larger investment. 

If you are just starting out and want to experiment with different mediums, choose your three top options to avoid overspending, and invest in enough of that medium for just one piece. Once you have figured out what you would like to use for your art, then you can begin investing more into the process.

What type of art inspires you?

Inspiration is an amazing thing to feel, and the best art cannot be made without it. What kind of art makes you feel your best? Look round galleries or browse online to see what pieces radiate the energy you wish to create - see if you can recognise a pattern in the medium or colour scheme and note this down.

I always believe that creating what inspires you is a great way to start finding your signature style, just try to avoid being inspired too heavily by others work, you do not want to end up copying another artist's style. 

What are you instinctively drawn to?

Most importantly, trust your intuition when it comes to choosing an art medium. When creating my resin wall art, I let my intuition guide me through the process, and this ensures that I follow my own artistic path and continue to create pieces that are my signature style. 

Read the blog on how I follow my intuition to create my resin art here.

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