Choosing the Perfect Abstract Wall Art for Your Space...

Choosing your abstract art should be the icing on the cake for your home, wall art draws the eye, works to pull together your space, creates a talking point and makes you feel relaxed and inspired.

There is no general rule when choosing abstract art, you pick what you like, and what blends with your space and improves your home.

When it comes to wall art, the size of your room and picture are serious considerations, as a general sizing rule think about:

  • Pictures should not be more than thwo-thirds longer than your sofa.
  • A small piece of art can't fill a big space, group small pieces together to complement each other.
  • Pictures should be 15cm above the edge of your furniture.

Make your decisions what you like after applying specific triggers like size and colour scheme.


Choose a piece that matchest the style of your room, include the furniture you already have.

  • Consider investing in one oversized piece you will love.
  • Choose a bold colour that matches your wall colour.
  • Choose a colour but in different shades.