How Art Can Heal - Why I Started Creating Resin Art

I remember when I started creating resin art, I wasn’t aware how healing it could be. I love the excitement I get before I work on a piece and when I lose myself in the creative process I know that each piece will connect with someone. 

Each resin art piece that I create  is completely unique and one of a kind, but I also sell other items with my designs, so if you miss out on a particular piece take a look at my prints here or my homeware here.


Why I Started Creating Resin Art

I started my artistic journey in 2018, after my daughter suddenly fell ill. This was a stressful time for us, and I desperately wanted to be able to relieve some of this stress for her as well as for myself. We started out colouring in mandala patterns, taking the time to lose ourselves in the colours and process, hours passed and we discovered how meditative creating art is, how it quietens the mind. From this I started to experiment with colours and mediums, buying myself paints and brushes and becoming more and more enchanted with the creations that would appear before me.

When I came across resin art, I fell in love with it. I knew that it was what I wanted to do, so I began experimenting and created my very first geode abstract resin art piece. Once I was finished I stood back and couldn’t believe what I had done. The thought that I had created something so magical from a place inside me and had found healing in it was the inspiration that drove me to continue, and I haven’t looked back since. 

Despite This being a difficult time this has had a positive impact and taught me that even in the darkest of times, we can still find joy and light in creating and in art.

How Art Can Make Us Feel Soothed

Surrounding ourselves with therapeutic and uplifting colours can help us to feel peaceful. Colour and art can influence the way that we feel, and it is in our nature to find comfort in art. Adding a resin art piece to your home may help you to relax your mind, and help you find beauty during difficult times, a reminder that creation is always possible. 

I aim to add as many beneficial properties to my art as possible, using vibrant pigments and adding crystals where possible. Crystals can be used for many different reasons, and each hold unique properties and frequencies to bring balance into your life.  Take a look at some of my resin art pieces which incorporate crystals here.

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