How To Recognise High Quality Resin Art

Making resin art takes time, it is a skill that is built upon over many years until the level of professionalism is perfect. It can be hard to tell well-done resin art apart from low quality resin art for someone with little experience, but you don’t want to be spending a lot of money on a piece that has been rushed or handled poorly. As a resin artist, I am passionate about creating art of the highest standard for your home. I always want to help my customers make wise choices and so here are some tips for identifying low quality resin art vs high quality resin art;

A Strong Odour

One of the quickest ways to tell the quality of the resin art is to take a smell. It might sound ridiculous, but an extremely strong chemical smell can be an indicator of low quality, harmful resin mix. The toxicity levels of resin need to remain safe to have in your home, so you do not want to buy pieces that will do more harm than good. 

Your safety should always come first, especially when buying resin art pieces with the intention of bringing healing energy and positivity into your life, you do not want this to have the opposite effect. 

The Level Of Clarity

If the resin art has bubbles or is cloudy, it is likely that the resin did not have the chance to set, or was incompatible with the pigments used. Experienced resin artists will take the time to make sure the resin is mixed properly, avoiding bubbles that can very easily sneak into art due to the thick consistency.

If you try to mix the resin and hardener while it is this thick, you will have to work extremely hard to mix it together, which can whip air bubbles into the mixture and leave you with a ton of micro bubbles, displeasing results, and unprofessional looking art.

Errors In The Process

The process of creation when it comes to resin is just as important as the materials used. It is a length process that can under no circumstance be rushed, nor should shortcuts be taken. In my opinion, the steps that go into the final piece are part of the art itself. The patience it takes can be used to reflect, let your mind go clear and let yourself become a vessel for love and positivity to flow through you and into your art. Many beginners believe that they can cheat and cut the cure time shorter with more hardener. However, adding more hardener will only disrupt the delicate blend required to cure the resin. It is easy to tell when an artist does not appreciate the process and discards these ideas in order to bash out art quicker - do not be fooled.

Get In Contact

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