The Beauty Of Resin - Why It Is Ideal For Abstract Art

Here at Wendy McCallum, abstract resin art is my specialty and passion. I began creating my art with the intention of healing, and resin has allowed me the time and mental space to do this. Resin is my medium of choice for a variety of reasons, and it is perfect for the visions that I wish to bring to life.

It’s perfection to me is due to a multitude of aspects, such as resins durability, the creative freedom it allows and the process itself. If you want to find out more in depth about why resin is ideal for my abstract art, read on.

Creative Freedom

One of the best things about using resin is that it allows me a lot of creative freedom when making my pieces. The versatility of resin means that I can add any pigment, and create many different colours and designs. I can also add things into the piece such as crystals, which will then be secured as the resin sets and incorporated permanently into the artwork. 

The resin can be put into any shape or mold, and its liquid nature when first poured allows blending and the maneuvering of different pigments. 

The Therapeutic Process

The process of creating resin art is almost as beautiful as the final product itself. I love the layering that is involved with resin, it is a labor of love, and a great test of patience. It is a process that can’t be rushed, which is why it means so much more when complete. 

I enjoy taking my time, enjoying each step along the way. It is always a great feeling to watch a piece unfold, to see as it forms into something completely original and striking. 

The Durability 

Resin is incredibly durable, it is long lasting and tough, which makes it the perfect statement piece in your home and long term investment, so you can trust that your money will not go to waste. It’s durability also means that it is waterproof, so there is so need to panic if any spillages occur. 

I want to create artwork that will last a lifetime, the long term value of my pieces is crucial as they are created for healing, nurturing the soul and becoming in tune with emotions.

Get In Contact

As a specialist in resin art, I can help you with any enquiries you may have regarding my artwork. If you would like to get in contact, please feel free to email me at or if you would like to get in contact via phone, you can do so using the following number: 01276 509408 (Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 GMT).