The Benefits Of Adding Crystals To Resin Art Pieces

Art is one the purest forms of therapy, helping to align your energy in an effortless way. One of the reasons why I started creating my abstract resin art pieces is to have a creative release as a form of meditation, and I have found that there is something utterly beautiful about creating something so authentic and soulful. 

Why do I add crystals to my pieces?

My resin art pieces all vibrate at their own frequencies, being layered with different colours and textures - my signature, unique technique. However, every so often, I feel pulled to add something more. Adding crystals to art is a way to boost the piece just that bit more, and sometimes the specific feel of the piece calls for similar frequencies that can be found in crystals.

The type of crystal added to the piece depends on what energy you wish to create. For me, I often enjoy using Clear Quartz and Citrine, but have also used many others, including Shungite, which is less known but very beneficial. 

The Benefits

Clear Quartz is considered a ‘master healer’, meaning that it can be beneficial for almost anything, amplifying energy and boosting physical health. Due to its versatility, I would recommend this crystal to anyone as a great starting crystal to have in your home, which is why I frequently use it when creating abstract resin art. 

Citrine is known as a ‘crystal of joy’, and its properties incapsulate so much of what I feel whilst I make my resin art. Known for its motivating, wonder-inducing properties, this crystal can make any piece of art into a flowing energy source of joy. I would highly recommend an art piece including Citrine for anyone who needs a boost of self-confidence and creativity.

Shungite is a crystal I have used less frequently, yet I have found that it is extremely powerful. A carbon rich stone with a whole assortment of benefits, this crystal is believed to be able to purify water, contribute to anti-aging and cleanse the body of toxins. Shungite is very beneficial to physical health and would make the perfect addition to the home in the form of a neutral-toned abstract resin art piece, to increase relaxation and healing for those who need it. 

Get in Contact

Here at Wendy Mccallum art, I believe in creating authentic, healing resin artwork to benefit you. Each piece is handcrafted with love and positive intentions, including intuitively chosen pigments and crystals, so you can invest in your wellbeing. 

To hear more about my abstract resin art pieces and their unique properties, feel free to get in contact with me at or if you would like to get in contact via phone, you can do so using the following number: 01276 509408 (Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 GMT).