The Joy Of Giving Art At Christmas - My Gift Suggestions

As Christmas gets closer and closer everyday, purchasing gifts for loved ones is probably on your mind. Gift giving can be really special, a way to show appreciation and recognition for those close to you, and it can be nerve wracking to think that you may give a gift that will not reflect the care that is intended. You shouldn’t work yourself into a sweat overthinking something that is meant to be lighthearted and enjoyable, and so here are a couple resin art gift suggestions from me here at Wendy Mccallum Art, to make your Christmas one to remember. For more tips on how to pick the perfect gift, read the blog.

For The Technology Lover

If you are looking for a gift for a technology wizz, my range of phone cases could be the perfect gift. For someone who always has a phone in hand, a reliable phone case is a necessity. There are a couple different types of phone case you could go for, all featuring my resin art designs, here is a rundown;

Snap Phone Cases: Slimline and modern, these sleek cases are great for light everyday use.

Tough Phone Cases: For those who need something just that bit tougher, these cases are the ones to go for. Designed for practicality, the cases feature a TPU liner for impact resistance and a high gloss polycarbonate outer shell.

Flip Phone Cases: Practical and stylish, made from durable faux leather. They are slim, lightweight and come with stitched pockets on the inside to allow you to store your credit cards safely and conveniently.

Card And Mirror Phone Cases: These cases are super unique and eye-catching, featuring a slide back with a mirror and card holder. Being shock absorbent and scratch resistant, this is the ultimate case for someone who is always on the go.

For The Home-Maker

Perhaps you know someone who has just moved house? Or someone who simply loves making their home as inviting as possible? I have a wide range of homeware that make the perfect housewarming gifts, or simply just great additions to a home. Some of the homeware I sell in my resin art designs includes cushions, clocks, place mats and coasters. If you have a higher budget, you could light up someone’s home and make their Christmas by gifting them an original resin art piece. My original resin art pieces are designed to bring love and joy, and this love is sure to be felt if you choose to give one to someone dear to you.

For The World Traveller

Looking for a gift for the world explorer you have in your life? My new range of suitcases could be the answer. With a glossy finish in a variety of my original resin art designs, these suitcases are sure to make a statement at the airport as well as being practical. I am always determined to keep my prices attainable and honest for my art and homeware, and the same applies for my suitcases. They are available in various sizes so you can choose the size best suited to the receiver of your gift. 

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