Collection: Blue Feather - When a feather appears a loved one is near.

Wendy's frequency art, adorned with the delicate presence of a feather, embodies a profound message that transcends the visual beauty of the piece. The appearance of a feather is a symbol, a gentle whisper from the universe that a loved one is near. Wendy's art captures the essence of unconditional love, creating a tangible expression of the spiritual connection that endures beyond the physical realm.

In this poignant representation, the feather becomes a messenger, sent by our loved ones precisely when we need uplifted support or are navigating the intricate path of healing from their loss. Each stroke of the brush and every colour chosen by Wendy carries with it the intention to create a visual and emotional sanctuary, where the ethereal and the earthly coalesce.

This artwork becomes a touchstone for solace and a reminder that the bonds of love persist, transcending the boundaries between this world and the next. Wendy's frequency art, with its feathered motif, stands as a tribute to the enduring nature of love and the subtle yet powerful ways in which our loved ones continue to guide and comfort us, even in their physical absence.

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