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Archipelago Fine Art Print - Splendour

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Archipelago Frequency Wall Art  brings the tranquil blues of the ocean to your space, creating a visually soothing masterpiece. The calming hues not only evoke the serenity of the sea but also serve as a conduit for relaxation, fostering a connection to the throat chakra and promoting clear communication. This artwork is a visual journey that invites you to unwind and find harmony within the gentle frequencies of the oceanic blues

Wendy’s art prints are printed on high quality fine art paper, beautifully reproduced from her original resin artwork. 


Print Only

  • Printed on 315gsm fine art archival rag paper (100 per cent cotton)
  • Printed using HP water based latex inks. (These inks eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and have low solvent concentration which is kinder to the environment)