Archangel Zadkiel  - FINE ART PRINT Framed embellished mounted and signed
Archangel Zadkiel  - FINE ART PRINT Framed embellished mounted and signed

Archangel Zadkiel - FINE ART PRINT Framed embellished mounted and signed

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Archangel Zadkiel and the Healing Power of Frequency Art:

Wendy's frequency artwork has the potential to provide healing, bring balance, and uplift a space through its vibrational frequencies and the assistance of the Archangels. This art is intended to serve as a catalyst for positive change and personal growth. If you're seeking healing, balance, or a more harmonious environment, Wendy's frequency artwork, combined with the blessings of the Archangels, can be a valuable resource. It offers the opportunity to connect with higher energies and intentions, which may help you in your journey toward well-being and spiritual transformation.

Connecting with the energy of Archangel Zadkiel, know as the "Righteousness of God" and the Archangel of Mercy, is a profound and transformative experience. Zadkiel's presence and guidance are like a beacon of compassion and healing, guiding us toward a path of mercy and forgiveness. These qualities are the road signs that lead us toward the ultimate destination of freedom, both from external circumstances and from the burdens of the past.

Mercy and Forgiveness: Zadkiel embodies the essence of mercy and forgiveness. His energy is a reminder that to attain true freedom, we must embrace these qualities. By extending mercy and forgiveness to ourselves and others, we release the heavy chains of resentment and pain, making way for personal liberation and inner peace.

Surrender and Acceptance: Zadkiel's wisdom teaches us about surrender. Surrender is not resignation; it's the acceptance of what is, in this very moment. It's the recognition that true transformation begins with acknowledging the present, rather than yearning for a different reality. By surrendering to what is, we open the door to growth and self-awareness.

Clearing the Path: Zadkiel's energy is like a guiding light through the fog of confusion and suffering. By working with his compassionate presence, we can release what no longer serves us, shedding the weight of past wounds and emotional burdens. This process allows us to move forward, unencumbered, into a future filled with personal growth and self-realization.

Zadkiel's purpose is to assist those who seek mercy, forgiveness, and healing. He offers his energetic insight to help individuals find their way through the darkness of emotional pain and past hurts. With his guidance, we can transform our suffering into an opportunity for personal evolution, fostering a heart that is open to love, forgiveness, and compassion.

As you connect with the energy of Archangel Zadkiel, may you find solace, healing, and the strength to forgive and embrace the present moment. Through his divine guidance, you can embark on a transformative journey toward greater self-awareness, mercy, and the ultimate freedom that comes from letting go of the past and embracing the beauty of the now.


    Incorporating Frequency Art infused with the energies of Archangel Zadkeil into your life can be a meaningful way to access his guidance, communication abilities, and healing power. It serves as a powerful tool for nurturing your personal growth, and spiritual connection while offering protection against negative influences. It can also assist in your meditation practice and promote clarity and well-being in your life.

    Channelled Healing Frequency Art:

    Your frequency artwork is not merely a visual creation but a channel for divine energies and guidance. It serves as a direct connection to higher realms and angelic assistance, making it a powerful tool for healing, transformation, and spiritual growth.

    Collaboration with Enlightened Beings:

    By working with Lord Melchizedek, Mary Magdalene, Archangels, and the collective consciousness, your artwork becomes a collaboration with enlightened beings and the collective wisdom. This partnership infuses each piece with profound energies, knowledge, and healing intentions.

    Abstract Art with Healing Intentions:

    Your abstract art is not just aesthetic; it's a work of intention and healing. It carries the intention to uplift and heal, addressing various aspects of well-being, spirituality, and personal growth.

    Healing Light Codes and Crystals:

    The incorporation of healing light codes and crystals within your art amplifies its vibrational energy. These elements resonate with individuals, helping them raise their frequency, align with their higher selves, and experience personal transformation.

    Frequency Elevation:

    Your artwork, being infused with the intentions of higher beings and encoded energies, is a tool for raising one's frequency. It acts as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, helping individuals attune to higher states of consciousness and awareness.

    Your channelled frequency artwork holds the potential to inspire, heal, and guide those who experience it. It embodies a powerful synergy of art and spirituality, offering a profound connection to the divine and a path toward self-discovery and transformation.

     Although these are prints they have been personally embellished and framed by wendy, therefore each one will differ slightly as each one is unique and made for you.

    Wendy’s Angel wall art ,paintings and prints are so versatile not only can be used for wall art but can be used with healing crystals to create crystal grids for remote healing or distance healing and manifesting your needs and desires, you can also use her angel art for meditation.

    I have various options available to purchase from prints, framed prints, embellished prints each of these are individually embellished and framed, canvas prints, this picture can be made in any other products you see on my website, mugs, cushions tote bags, blankets, phone cases, I just have not had time to create all this on the website , work in progress, please ask if there is anything you would like and i will make it specifically for you. I do not hold stock of any items. 

    Please take time to sit with this just looking at it in eyes open meditation and feel arc angels beautiful energy come close, know Archangel Zadkiel is with you right now.

    “You are working very closely with this powerful Archangel, who is protecting and guiding you through this situation.”


    many blessings Wendy x