The Journey - SOLD
The Journey - SOLD
The Journey - SOLD

The Journey - SOLD

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This simply stunning acrylic abstract style painting was created in colours of the rainbow using acrylic medium on 50cm x 50cm canvas, it is framed in a delicate white wooden floating frame.  

Colour is therapy, how we feel dictates the colours we are drawn do, those colours will change the depth the tones, brightness, energy evokes emotion that may need clearing, Wendy's energy artwork simply draws in your attention, whilst doing so you will find your mind calming to allow clarity of thought, creating a peaceful environment wherever this is situated.  Wendy's art is great for meditating.

My paintings are channelled, I never know what I am going to paint or what colours I will use until I begin to create the space and in doing so colours come into my mind a sense of peace and unconditional love sweeps over me and I simply get lost in the energy  of creation. 

It is so difficult to catch the vibrancy of the art in pictures as in true life they are even more stunning than in the photos.

Click on image to zoom in and see art work in all its glorious detail!


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