Vista - Opulence fine art print

Vista Fine Art Print - Opulence

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Vista Frequency Wall Art unfolds a panoramic landscape of blue greys, exuding warmth and offering a visual journey into freewill paths and opportunities. This artwork becomes a metaphorical vista, symbolizing expansive possibilities and the open horizons of choice. The soothing hues create an ambiance that not only captivates but also invites contemplation and a sense of freedom within the frequencies it emanates

Wendy’s art prints are printed on high quality fine art paper, beautifully reproduced from her original resin artwork. 


Print Only

  • Printed on 315gsm fine art archival rag paper (100 per cent cotton)
  • Printed using HP water based latex inks. (These inks eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and have low solvent concentration which is kinder to the environment)