Prints vs Original Pieces - What Is Right For You?

When shopping for artwork, you will see the term ‘print’ frequently used. Essentially a print is a copy of an original design that can then be used for different item patterns or as wall art of different sizes. I sell both my original abstract resin art pieces and prints here at Wendy McCallum Art, and there are positives to both, meaning that which you should choose depends on a variety of factors and personal choices. Here is a rundown of the differences between original abstract resin art and prints, so that you can determine which is right for you.

The Cost

A big difference between original abstract resin art and prints is the cost. Original artwork will always have a higher cost than a print because of the one of a kind nature of it, whilst a print is a replica that can be copied as many times as desired by the artist. If you are on a tighter budget but love a piece of artwork, buying a print of it is probably the best way to go.


This one is slightly subjective, but when it comes to abstract resin art, the original will likely last longer than a print due to resins durability and the high quality. The materials used to create resin art are tougher than card or printed photo paper, so will endure much longer. This doesn’t mean that prints can’t last if you take good care of them, keeping them dry and away from concentrated heat will help preserve the print for longer, and regular dusting can help keep it looking vibrant and glossy. To find out more about the durability, and other properties of resin art, click here.


Whilst an original will always have to be its original size, prints can be created in an array of sizes to flexibly fit into a variety of spaces so you are able to have more choice with where you place your abstract resin art work. Prints can also be transferred onto other items, such as clocks and phone cases, which make perfect gifts. If you have a price range to stick to, or want to experiment and see what you like, prints are the perfect place to start.

Get In Contact

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