What Is Needed To Create Resin Art? - Insight From A Resin Artist

There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to creating high quality abstract resin art. Whilst every resin artist’s process is different, there are a few things that stay coherent throughout them. As a professional abstract resin art creator here at Wendy Mccallum Art, I know the ins and outs of what is needed to successfully create resin art. Here is a bit of insight;

The Materials

Choosing the correct materials is important when it comes to successfully creating resin art. It is important not to skimp on costs, as low quality resin will not be safe due to harsh chemicals. To find out more about identifying low quality resin art, click here

Make sure to do plenty of research into the safest options, especially if you are a beginner. Certain types of resin will be harder to use, whilst some will be perfect for those with less experience.

The Process

There are certain steps that are unavoidable when creating abstract resin art, meaning you shouldn't skip them. The process is delicate and a huge test of patience and care. To rush means causing problems for yourself in the long run, as shortcuts almost always backfire when it comes to resin. To say it can be temperamental if handled poorly is an understatement, there needs to be a mutual respect between the artist and their mediums. If you approach the process with a lot of patience and respect, the final resin art piece will reward you with its beauty. 

Passion And Vision

Most importantly, more so than materials, is having the passion for the project and love for creating abstract resin art. Loving the creative process is absolutely essential for creating truly authentic and beautiful pieces. When I create resin art I give myself over to the process, allowing my mind to quiet and simply fill with colour and light. The experience is intuitive, each design shaping itself and forming as I progress, and this is what I think makes the art so special.  You must love the process of creating art, or you will never truly be satisfied in the end. 

Get In Contact - Abstract Resin Art

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