Wendy McCallum Art

  • Resin Art and It's Many Different Forms

    Resin art comes in many different forms, and I would like to think that here at Wendy Mccallum art, I incorporate as many forms as possible for my customers. I have been creating resin art since 2018 and since then have experimented with many different styles, textures and shapes of resin art. I always want to make my resin art as accessible as possible for all, and so provide an array of pieces priced at different levels. Here is a rundown of some of the resin pieces I sell.

  • What Is Needed To Create Resin Art? - Insight From A Resin Artist

    There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to creating high quality abstract resin art. Whilst every resin artist’s process is different, there are a few things that stay coherent throughout them. As a professional abstract resin artist, carry on reading to find out my methods and techniques.
  • How To Take Care Of Your Resin Art Pieces

    Purchasing a resin art piece is a very exciting experience, and you are sure to be treating your artwork like a baby during the initial few weeks of having it in your home. But in the long term, it is important to establish a set of rules for preserving your resin art piece so that it does not become damaged or dull.
  • Prints vs Original Pieces - What Is Right For You?

    I sell both original abstract resin art pieces and prints here at Wendy McCallum Art, and there are positives to both, meaning that which you should choose depends on a variety of factors and personal choices. Here is a rundown of the differences between original abstract resin art and prints.
  • Choosing an art medium and the importance of a signature style

    When making art, it is important to find an art medium that will contribute to the authenticity of your pieces. When I started out as an artist I k...
  • The Beauty Of Resin - Why It Is Ideal For Abstract Art

    Here at Wendy McCallum, abstract resin art is my specialty and passion. I began creating my art with the intention of healing, and resin has allowe...
  • Artwork as gifts - how to pick the perfect present

    Choosing gifts can be tricky, especially when you want to give the perfect present. Here at Wendy McCallum art, I have an assortment of products fo...
  • Choosing A Statement Piece For Your Home - What You Should Consider

    When choosing a statement piece for your home, there is a lot to consider. A statement piece begs attention, it starts conversations, it sets the t...